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Ault Field, Washington

Ault Field, Washington is not an official incorporated city, but is instead a "census-designated" location. It has a substantial population due to its purpose as home to the Naval Air Station, Whidbey Island.

Whidbey Island is located off the coast of Washington in the Puget Sound. The Naval Air Base was originally build during the WWII era, as there was some fear that enemies may launch an attack on the United States by sea in that area.

Although the attack never occurred, the Naval Base was constructed, and has been in operation since 1942.

Ault Field is the area surrounding the Naval Base, where many of the military personnel and support staff from the base live and shop. The United States Census Bureau keeps a number of statistics on the area and about the population.

The area designated by the Census Bureau as "Ault Field" constitutes 10.4 square miles, 3.5 of which are water.

The Census of 2000 identified 2,064 people in the community, with 306 households and 291 families. There are about 300 people per square mile, and about 311 housing units.

Most of the residents are white, just over half are married with children and 12 percent are single parents. The median age in Ault Field is 22.5 years old, reflecting the youthful population at the Naval Air Field.

Over half (68 percent) of the population is white, and 12 percent are Asian, while black members of the community make up about 9 percent and Native Americans are about 2 percent.

The economy in Ault Field is strong, even in a recession, because of the military employment. Currently there is a 4.5 percent unemployment rate, low for the country, and jobs are expected to increase in the area by 25 percent over the next ten years.

However, the mean household income is only $25,000, also reflecting the high level of dependence on military employment.

Education is an area of importance, particularly for the military family children. Ninety-eight percent all residents in Ault Field have a high school diploma, and 15 percent have a four year degree. That compares to national averages of 79 percent high school diplomas and 15 percent college degrees.

Most people living in Ault Field commute less than 15 minutes, meaning they work at the base or in one of the support facilities nearby. There are also commercial establishments and restaurants nearby, largely frequented by base workers. Most of the living quarters in Ault Field are rental units, over 96 percent of the residents rent. Those who own homes are largely in the $150 - $200 thousand dollar range as far as home value is concerned.

Ault Field is only a hop, skip and a jump from Oak Harbor. Oak Harbor would certainly be the ideal home base for any trip around Whidbey Island, including one that plans a visit to Ault Field.

The friendly Coachman Inn front desk staff will gladly tell you more about Ault Field and other Whidbey Island communities during your stay with them.

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