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Deception Pass Bridge

Deception Pass Bridge has both an interesting history and a breathtaking view. The navigator of the famed HMS Discovery, Joseph Whidbey by name, sailed through Deception Pass in 1792 proving that the area was not a peninsula as earlier thought but was an island. There are two islands in fact; Whidbey Island and Fidalgo Island.

The Deception Pass Bridge is one of the scenic wonders of the Pacific Northwest and is actually two bridges: one to the North over Canoe Pass and the other to the South over Deception Pass. The total of the bridge spans more than a quarter mile and there is both a roadway and sidewalks on both sides. Be really daring and take a stroll across the bridge over the canal which (depending on the tide) is about 180 feet below you as you walk. Bring your camera because words cannot always describe the awesome view from the bridge.

The bridge is part of Deception Pass State Park which is a 4,134-acre marine and camping park with 77,000 feet of saltwater shoreline, and 33,900 feet of freshwater shoreline on three lakes. There are dramatically steep cliffs, wildlife and trees that have been growing for hundreds of years. You may want to take an entire day visiting the park and walking the great Deception Pass Bridge. Of course, you are welcome to drive across it if you prefer. There is so much natural beauty in the area you will want to take at least the better part of a day to see it all. If you get a chance, you may want to experience the sun setting over the San Juan Islands.

When the bridge was painted in the 1920s it cost more to paint than it did to construct the bridge in the first place. It was painted again in the late 1990s. The water churning below the bridge moves at times at an amazing rate of 8-10 knots. This produces some beautiful white-capped water as it rushes through the narrow passages between the islands.

From the bridge you are liable to see a wide variety of bird species as well as some porpoise going through the area. Look upward and you may catch a glimpse of a bald eagle in flight. You may also see otter and a host of other animal and bird species that are sure to delight you. Whether you are a confirmed nature lover or not, you will be spellbound by the beauty of, and from the Deception Pass Bridge.

The friendly Coachman Inn front desk staff will gladly tell you more about Deception Pass Bridge and other Whidbey Island treasures during your stay with them.

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