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Oak Harbor Whidbey Island Weather

If you're planning a trip to Oak Harbor on Whidbey Island, one of a group of islands off of the coast of Washington State, you may wonder what the weather is like there.

Being in the Puget Sound, the weather might be expected to be very wet. Although it does rain frequently, the rain is not as heavy as is found in many other parts of the United States.

The average annual rainfall in Oak Harbor, Washington on Whidbey Island is 20.6 inches per year. By contrast, the national average is 36.6 inches. For comparison purposes, Alabama gets about 57 inches per year, Arizona about 7.1 inches per year, Idaho 11 and Ohio 37.

So rain in Oak Harbor is not going to be a primary factor in planning your visit to beautiful and charming Whidbey Island. There is rain only on about 137 days of the year, so approximately two thirds of the time, the weather will be clear and precipitation-free.

Planning a trip with a stay at the Coachman's Inn in Oak Harbor is a great way to see the Island, but also have a central location near every amenity. And with a great heated pool and hot tub, the Coachman Inn gives you a great backup plan in case inclement weather does change your plans.

A nice thing about Oak Harbor is that despite its northern geographic location, the average snowfall each year is small, only 6.4 inches. It's just enough to let a person know it is winter, but not enough to inhibit activity.

There are about 162 sunny days, and the others may be rainy (about 137 days each year, as mentioned) or overcast, as is not unusual for an island.

There is a fairly small range of temperature variations in Oak Harbor. The average high for July is only 71. 5, so the temperatures in the summer are very comfortable, but never too warm. It's a perfect climate for biking, boating, hiking and walking, all of which are popular activities on Whidbey Island. There is less danger of becoming overheated than in many other places.

The average low temperature in January is a mild 34 degrees F, so even the winter temperatures, while cool, are not intemperate. They stay in a moderate range.

The average comfort index is a rating that determines how uncomfortable people will be with the humidity in the heat. The higher the rating, the more comfortable people are with the combination of temperature and humidity, and Oak Harbor has a comfort rating of 78. Contrasted with the average for the US (44), Oak Harbor has a very comfortable climate, where the humidity is very mild.

The friendly Coachman Inn front desk staff will gladly help you prepare for and react to Whidbey Island weather during your stay with them.

Before checking out the great weather and mild climate of Whidbey Island, check into the nearby Coachman Inn, where we have been voted Best of Whidbey Island for two years running and awarded the AAA Three Diamond rating, their highest rating for vacation lodging. To check availability, call the Coachman now at 800-635-0043 or click here.

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