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Whidbey Island Beaches

The beaches on Whidbey Island, a beautiful and rustic island in the Puget Sound, are naturally beautiful, full of organic wonder and lovely vistas.

There are beaches covered in sand around the island, and there are cobblestone covered and pebbly beaches that look as though they are covered in loose gravel. Unlike many southern Atlantic beaches, our beaches here in the heavily wooded northwest are often covered with driftwood, grey from weathering, in every size.

There are giant logs of driftwood, likely falling into the Puget Sound when an eroding riverbank falls into the water. Many times these logs are still attached to their root systems, making them visually interesting and complicated, as well as fascinating for children and others to climb on, view or together.

Years ago, loggers in the country made huge, log rafts to easily transport sawn logs from the forests to the mills in the days before large lumber trucks. Sometimes these old logs still drift up onto the beaches, easily identified by the clean-cut saw marks on the ends.

Stacking, climbing on and collecting driftwood is one of the favorite beach pastimes on the island.

The Coachman Inn in Oak Harbor provides an excellent starting point for visiting the beaches on Whidbey Island. One of the most easily accessible beaches, as well as the most popular, is the City Beach in Oak Harbor. An easy walk from a parking lot takes visitors right to the shoreline, with sand and wooden steps bringing visitors to the waterfront.

Other beaches are so secluded, they are accessible only by boat. Visitors should take when visiting unmarked beaches, because many of them are privately owned down to the tidelands. For safety and respect, visitors should take care to avoid trespassing on these private beaches.

Some of the most popular activities for residents and tourists alike happen from the Whidbey Island beaches. Annual salmon fishing is a popular event in season, as fisherman cast the pink Buzz Bombs lures into the surf.

Clam digging is another popular activity on the beaches of Whidbey Island. For kids and beginners, the butter clams that hide themselves a few inches under the surface of the beach provide fun and food enough. For the serious clam digger however, the geoduck provides a real challenge. The largest burrowing bivalve in the world, digging for geoducks requires special knowledge and equipment.

Boats and kayaks are a familiar sight at any of the beaches surrounding Whidbey Island. Many boaters and kayakers set out at dawn to enjoy the early morning views and see the wildlife in the Puget Sound.

State Parks preserve many sections of the beachfront on the island and make it readily accessible for any of the enjoyable uses noted.

The friendly Coachman Inn front desk staff will gladly tell you more about the fantastic beaches on Whidbey Island during your stay with them.

Before you check out Whidbey Island beaches, check into the centrally-located Coachman Inn, where we have been voted Best of Whidbey Island for two years running and awarded the AAA Three Diamond rating, their highest rating for vacation lodging. To check availability, call the Coachman now at 800-635-0043 or click here.

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