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Whidbey Island
and The Legend of Deception Pass

Chapter Five

Our Camp Blacksmith

Dedicated to Leonard C. Burner, blacksmith who helped build the bridge

Under the spreading Myrtlewood tree
The McKinley smithy stands.
The smith a mighty man is he
With a smile for every man.
And the stories he stops to tell
Bring a smile on every hand.

His hair is gray and sort of thin,
His face wears a perpetual grin,
His brow is wet with sweat,
He earns every penny he gets,
And looks the whole world in the face.
He's quite a character of the human race.

Week in week out from morn 'till night,
He's competition for the sun so bright.
You can hear him swing his heavy sledge,
With a rhythmic beat that delights.
The man awaiting the job he's begun,
Sings his praise with a silent pledge.

And the men coming in from work
Look in at the open door.
They love to see the flaming forge,
Wond'ring what article it will disgorge.
He'll smile a welcome that's renowned,
No job will make him admit he's downed.

He goes on weekends to his home,
And visits with his friends.
Their sorrows cease when they see his smile,
When he tells a story of the time he'd roam.
And they'll with laughter bend,
His stories are like the tempest that rends.

Toiling rejoicing at his task
Onward through the day.
Each morning sees some task begun
Something attempted, something done
Has earned him his night's repose.

Let's give thanks to our joyous friend,
He's both friend and comrade to us all.
When you're blue you just go to him,
He'll never mind if you're short or tall,
He'll change your mood from sorrow to joy,
We greet you Pop, you're the real McCoy.

By George J. Kleba
Dedicated to Pop
With due apologies to H.W.L.

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